Potable Data Model


Biz framework is a open source class library that can be used to implement flexible user friendly enterprise management tool which can be used to improve your small or medium scale business. eBiz Code has been built on Biz Object Framework based on Dot Net technology and SQL Server.

Biz Data Model is a potable data structure which can be bind with many different client layouts based on .Net.

Data Access Handlers

Access data from the storage is based on the base handler which has all the basic operations.  To get list of customers name start from the character A is simple as below code example.

Data Binding

Biz data model can be plugin to the CSharp data controls to render the data. It’s full featured client functionality and all the changes in the client view triggers the data model to update via View Model.

Biz Framework is a flexible user friendly class library which can be use to implement small or medium scale .Net based business solutions. Simple and easy to use and sasy to customize. This is a simple client server application which enables multiple client connections to the central host or it is possible to install it on your desktop machine or lap top machine easily.

Biz Object Components

Biz Object Framework is set of class libraries developed on .Net technology. Following are the main components which are plug-able and all have unique communication layer.

Biz Middle tier:

Write all the business logic and deploy as a IIS application. supports Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as Business logic layer which contains set of APIs which can handle Business layer and Storage layer.

Biz Web Client:

ASP .NET based class library which can be used to implement web front which communicated with Biz Middle tier web Service. HTTP is the communication protocol.

Biz Windows Client:

.NET based MVC class library which can be used to implement windows client which communicated with Biz Middle tier web Service. HTTP is the communication protocol.

Biz Event Server:

Separate .NET server which runs as the event server which execute registered schedule tasks.

Biz Mobile Client:

Windows CE client which communicated with Biz Maddie tier via Web service. SQL Server compact/XML database is used in the local device.

Biz Event Server

Biz Event server plays main role in the middle tier which execute all the scheduled background tasks. Main component components consist of standalone .NET service which runs as a windows service.  Primary task is execute Mail events generated from the business logic. When Business logic create mail trigger it store the trigger in a queue. Biz Server reads the the queue and also pick the associalted mail template. Then fetch the subcribed users and their emails and send to the mail outbox.